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League of Speed Wins

Faster than a speeding bullet and more fun than a barrel of monkeys the League of Speed dominated the field and came out big winners at the Monster Dash. The mixed bunch of masked and caped avengers took to the course and did what only we thought was possible we won. Disclaimer: we won the best team superhero costume contest – none of us broke the land speed record. As always it was a great race and the Frankenstorm – yeah – we defeated him before we ran. The weather was awesome.

Our costumes consisted of Doc Ock, Rogue, Bat Girl, Clark Kent/Superman, Quail Man, Quail Girl and Sally Jupiter, the first Silk Spectre.

It was a great time and with a lot of great costumes by everyone. What did we do with our winnings? What any good superhero would do – we spent our $25 gift certificate on 25 $1 beers (we only drank 16 but it still sounds pretty good). A lot of the pictures this time were taken by Heather T. (aka Quail Girl) especially the strange ones near the end.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and being a part of the team. It was a lot of fun – can’t wait till the next time we all dress up and act crazy. Wait – Halloween is this Wednesday? How convenient.