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kudu-lah at Artsplosure 2018

This weekend at Artsplosure we added to the 919raleigh art gallery with the addition of prints from kudu-lah. A unique combination of photography and graffiti-inspired critters we felt like this artist was fun and a good fit for our collection. Each of the kudu-lah critters featured in the artwork has a backstory and an individual print of them captured in their own mason jar.

The unique Raleigh pieces caught our eye and we ended up with both Invasion and World History. (The have a lot of locations other than Raleigh in their collection too including – New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Kansas City, St. Louis, Texas, Louisville, Nashville, Atlanta, and Florida.)

kudu-lah, established in 2007, is a husband and wife duo originally based in Brooklyn.  Harnessing the power of awesome, Kenny and Jenifer Kudulis, bring you “critters”, their original monster-like characters that are inspired by folks seen traveling through the NYC Subways. Kenny sketches, paints and names all of characters. Jenifer creates their individual bios. The critters are often seen captured in their Mason Jars or juxtaposed into the couple’s original photography. All pieces are lovingly handmade in Chattanooga by the couple.

We are trying to determine where this goes in the house. I like how they work together with both the skyline of Raleigh and the globe. Definitely on the same wall – maybe one over the other. It also works with our Patrick Shanahan painting that shows the PNC Tower being attacked by a giant robot. So many choices…

If you would like your own kudu-lah print you can grab it off their website along with individual critters or other cool merchandise.