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Krispy Kreme Challenge 2012

The premise sounds simple – run from the belltower at NC State to the Krispy Kreme eat a dozen doughnuts and return in under an hour. Approximate distance 5 miles give or take. This isn’t the first time we’re been to or participated in the challenge and while it is much harder than it sounds – it is likely the most fun race in Raleigh.

Congrats to Mark, EdG, Eileen/iLean, BobG 11.75, Zach, Nick, Lisa, Bentley, the rest of the DC crew and anyone else I may have missed that we saw. Special congrats to those runners that finished all 12 doughnuts.

Pictures after the jump – feel free to copy and save any you want and if you would like one in a larger size – just let me know.

Congrats again – I know it isn’t easy.