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Kirby Derby 2012

Last year we “discovered” Kirby Derby – one of the more fascinating street festivals in Raleigh. This year we decided to get in on the action. You’ve seen the pictures of the #ZOMBHNTR1 as it was being built but this as they say is the rest of the story. We had a great group and despite what the official results said we felt like we came in first. The parade was a blast, the drag race was great (Nick came in third) and the races? Brian rocked it. (Also a third place finish.)

Kirby Derby Day has been happening every June for the past 10 years in a quiet and unassuming little neighborhood called Pullen Park Terrace. We have 2 big streets, Kirby Street and Bilyeu Street. Back in 2002, the first year of the Kirby Derby, the only event was a big parade (unless you can call cocktails on the curb an event). Since those humble beginnings, Kirby Derby has grown and become a multi-faceted day of the fun and the strange.

A picture is worth a thousand words and if you are still reading this and haven’t clicked read more yet – you should. Thanks to everyone that joined us – Zombies and Hunters alike. For our first year participating we did extremely well. Next year – wait till next year.

Please send me your images to add to the collection and post your stories in the comment section.


  1. Glad you had a great time!! It’s all thanks to the folks like you that participate that make it all happen and work.  The weather was great, the parade was better than ever and the level of racing has reached a new peak. We’ll have the theme for next years Derby at the start of the next year….provided the Mayans were wrong of course!!  Start working on that Derby racer- you can NEVER start too early.

  2. Great pics again this year.  Thanks for capturing my run against Mac in the missle.  Once I beat him, I was pretty sure I had it in the bag…

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