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Jurassic Park Raleigh

RELEASE THE RAPTORS! Wait – is this Jurassic Park Raleigh? No but these are real raptors. Maybe distant relatives of the dinosaurs but no less amazing.

It was awesome to see the folks from CLAWS, Inc. hold a raptor release and give a new start to several North Carolina birds. I was extremely impressed with this organization and thought it was very cool to see the owls released into Lake Wheeler Park. The do a lot of work rehabilitating and releasing wild animals back into their native habitats. If you need help with a wild animal they would be a good place to contact.

One of the important tips I heard while there – don’t use rat/mouse poison. It has the potential to do nerve damage to the birds should they find one of the rodents and eat it after its had the poison. Traps keep this from happening.