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Jingle Ball 2012

This isn’t our first or even our second time writing about the infamous Jingle Ball but it is only the second time it has shown up here. Why? Good question. The Jingle Ball is as much of an event as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade or the Kirby Derby. It is simply an event that you don’t want to miss. If you do – you’ll never understand the unique context of the pictures from the evening. Truth is – even if you were there you may find yourself asking – WTF?!?!

The Jingle Ball does something really cool and encourages people to do what we should do anyway – give to those less fortunate. I am very fortunate to have friends that will all get Christmas presents this year – none of us will get anything extravagant but all of us will open something on Christmas morning or Christmas eve. The Capital City Clauses extend that warm feeling to children that aren’t so fortunate. And they give us the opportunity to shop for a kid and think about the fun times we had waiting to open that much-anticipated present under the tree.

Do we misbehave? No more or less than usual at an event that has an open bar. Who won best vest? Call it a tie between Nick and BobG even though Brian and I looked better in the overall category. Was it hard to get up this morning? 5:30AM a ham for our office party needed to hit the oven. I sent a picture to the event organizer. The pictures. Not a question but yes – they are bad and get worse through the night culminating in several close-ups. If you have pics you would like to add email them to me. Especially if you have the group photo we all took at the same time. If I get all of them I’ll try to stitch them together.


  1. I must have missed the dude in the top hat. And really, I dont need to see any more pics of Sadler and his wood.

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