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In the Kitchen with Nick III

You may have thought you had seen the last wedding video of Nick in the Kitchen. If you did you were wrong and definitely not #winning. I don’t think you can get married without Nick in your kitchen and this time he is not alone. Sous chef extraordinaire Zach is on board to describe some of the finer points of cooking to the class.

This time we crossed the 2 minute mark and had the good fortune of having the staff not only not kick us out but provide encouragement by giving Nick a very cool hat. (Underpaid would be my guess.)

To those of you enjoying lunch today at a particular country club in Cary – we apologize in advance. For those of you that haven’t been keeping up with the madness that’s three weddings and three kitchens in one month. (1, 2)

Mazel tov to you all – congrats to Daniel and Suzanne.


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