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Ice Storm 2011

Work is delayed until 11AM and while I am actually doing a little work here to try and get caught up I figured I would try to put some of my newly learned camera skills to the test with the ice storm. Quick plug – took a class through Peace Camera with Greg Myers and Tim Shelley this past Sunday. I actually learned what a lot of the features on my camera were meant to do. The picture above and the ones after the jump were shot in manual and in RAW. Trying out Lightroom 3 as well – which you can do for 30 days. Still a lot to learn but I am getting the pieces together.

Out the front door – look at all the ice on the street and the walk.

Caught this chubby pigeon taking a break from the bird feeder.


  1. Still a lot to learn – Lightroom is pretty cool but other than reading the RAW files I am not sure if it is much more functional than Picasa.  Learning how to adjust the settings quickly is a pain but the finished product seems a little better than auto right now.

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