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Hyperloop One Visits RTP

Hyperloop One Visited RTP this week as part of their Roadshow. Hyperloop’s mission is to create fast, effortless journies and to eliminate the barriers of distance and time.

So what is Hyperloop? It is a new mode of transportation. People and cargo are loaded into a pod and they are transported through tubes using magnetic levatation. Pods can travel at speeds around 600 miles per hour which means you could be in D.C. or Atlanta in under a hour.

So I asked how much it would cost to catch a ride on one of these pods. They just got done doing a feasibility study in Missouri where they estimated tickets could run around $30. The goal according to their website is to make it affordable for everyone to ride.

One of the benefits to this type of transportation is that there are no direct carbon emmissions. They have a long way to go but they are looking to have something in places in the mid-2020s. The challenges are finding places to build infastructure and getting things approved through the government because this is a new technology. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Anyone who sits in traffic knows we need to do something to look at transit and maybe this will be the solution. Kuddos to Virgin for trying something new. We wish you the best of luck and hope to have a seat on one of those pods soonish.