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Heart Concert

If you haven’t been to Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary you should go – doesn’t matter what show or event it is you can expect that it will be well done.  We saw this during the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival and again this past Friday at the Heart concert.  The show was very well done, the sound was great and the band was well – you know that girl group from the 80’s.  No I couldn’t name a song off the top of my head when I was told we had tickets but their hits include Crazy on You, All I Wanna Do, Never, Magic Man, Barracuda, and the list goes on.  As a group they still sound really good – they really don’t look like the album covers I remember from back in the day but who among us really does?

heart-concertThey really played a lot of their hits and didn’t try to make us listen to anything new that they thought was great.  They knew their audience and kept it to the classics – with the exception of covering Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song I thought they did a great job.  And overall it was a surprisingly entertaining show.  (Hey – I really did draw a blank on who they were when Cara told me a friend had left us tickets at will call.)

On a side note – people watching was a premium activity at this event.  And yes – I’m sure a lot of people looked at us and said the same thing.  Just a point of order for those us still going to events in our middle-age to senior years…  a) the shirt or pants you wore to you first concert?  They don’t fit.  Yes I know you can get them on but that can’t be comfortable  b) dancing like a crazy 18 year old girl is really silly at any age past 23 – if you are double that it is twice as silly  c) whoever was “lighting up” – really?  You were at a HEART concert.  This wasn’t Snoop Dog or Willie Nelson.  Leave that crap at home.  That is all. Please proceed with the quality entertainment and as always – free or cheap tickets = me showing up at the event.  All you would bes or has beens can email me with your offers.