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Haggis on the Fourth

The theme for this year’s Fourth of July party was “America is a Melting Pot” we asked guests to make or bring dishes representing different countries. I decided to make “haggis” given that is the country of my heritage and the recent addition of a haggis whistle should make it easy. I read the recipe for haggis and decided to make something that looked like haggis and hopefully tasted much better.

Here is the finished product –

The exterior is Cocoa Krispies and the interior is Fruity Pebbles and the bottom is more Cocoa Krispies. Molded in a bowl and layered to have the look of the real dish.


The Italian Cookies were also a huge hit and I am not sure if any of the Strawberry cupcakes were left – I looked for one this morning. The Bourbon Slush (Kentucky is ‘like’ another country) was amazing. I’ll get the official recipe and post here when I get Chloe to write it down.