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Genghis Khan at NC Museum of Natural Sciences

The name Genghis Khan is probably a familiar one even if you don’t know who he was exactly. Before going to the exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Science I had a very vague idea of who Genghis Khan was and something of a concept of who he was historically but knew very little about the role he played in history.

Genghis Khan is famous as the ruthless Mongol warlord who conquered half the known world.  Under his rule, the Mongol Empire grew to be four times the size of the Roman Empire at its largest extent; or equal in size to the continent of Africa.  Less well known is that Genghis Khan is also revered as an innovative leader and statesman who brought unity, stability and religious tolerance to most of Asia and parts of Europe. [VIDEO]

The exhibit is great and only around until January 16th. If you live in Raleigh I would highly suggest getting a membership instead of paying for the individual tickets. If you go to this and one other event you’ve paid for the membership. More pictures after the jump and if you think these aren’t great – you are right. They were taken with my phone (no flash allowed). I’m getting better at using the phone as a camera but still don’t have the ability to make things look the way I would like.

The last few pictures are from other parts of the museum. Genghis Khan is old but he did not ride a T-Rex in his attacks across Eurasia. He might be the only person that ever lived bad enough to do it but he didn’t. Just in case you were wondering.