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Free Downtown Concerts Returning

I was telling someone last week how cool the Alive After Five concerts used to be. You know – back when Fayetteville Street was actually Fayetteville Mall and the Convention Center was actually in the middle of the street. So the AAF shows used to be on Thursday night and you could bring your own cooler of beer. In case you were wondering that is a recipe for awesome and a hungover Friday. Those ended in 2005 (best I can remember) and it may have been a good thing for everyone involved.

So why am I posting about ancient history? Looks like it is going to happen again – at least the free concert part. Not sure about whether or not you can bring your own beer and I guess the hangover was always optional. (Update: Nope on the alcohol.) Dates look like Thursday nights starting May 31st. Other announced dates include June 14th, June 28th, July 12th, July 26th, August 9th, and August 23rd. No acts have been announced yet but the seven shows will feature three bands, spanning genres from indie rock to bluegrass. They are calling it the Oak City 7 – I am guessing because there are 7 concerts and AAF probably belongs to another decade.

After the jump I have some random pictures from the last few Alive After Five concerts from 2005. These include some random shots at the events, after parties at Woody’s and El Rodeo and most importantly – chicken ‘n waffles. If these don’t make you want to go to the new shows they’ll definitely make you want to stay home. See you there.


  1. Wow those were good times! Two notes: 1. WOW I wore some bad clothes back then. Glad things have changed. And 2. NO THAT’S NOT ME IN THE LAST PHOTO, DAMMIT.

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