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Fantasy Lake Dive

Most people get certified and start diving in something similar to Fantasy Lake Scuba Park in Rolesville/Wake Forest and once they feel comfortablehead to destinations south for an ocean dive in the Florida Keys or the Caribbean. We did things a little backwards – we got certified in the Florida Keys and until today had never done a freshwater dive outside of a pool.

Fantasy Lake used to be a stone quarry until a natural spring was hit and the area had to be abandoned for that purpose. The water is relatively clear – around 10 ft visibility and fairly comfortable water temperatures. The area has several things to see – from sunken boats, a plane and we even found a rather old computer. I checked – no internet. The pictures were taken with the same camera I used to take pictures at Christ of the Abyss but the color / clarity was not as good due to the lack of visibility. To make the images clearer I made several images black and white.

I thought the dive area was great and was very pleased to enter the water and immediately feel comfortable. This was not only mine and Cara’s first freshwater / quarry dive but it was also out first dive without a group. It was nice to take our time on descent and looking around below. This time it didn’t improve the pictures but it did make the dive more fun.