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Emerald Society Winter Ball

Typically I read Black Tie Preferred and I immediately assume that an event didn’t really have me in mind when they were planning.  Not that I can’t suit up but I tend prefer lower key events.  Lately my key has been in the tune of couch so when we got the invite it seemed like a good idea to dust off the tux and attend a civilized function.

The Emerald Society is an Irish Heritage group comprised of professional police and firemen.  Click here for the history of the connection between the Irish and community service positions.  It is a little long to cut and paste here but definitely worth the read.

The event was great – I’m sure pictures of me in the tux will surface eventually.  Until then you’ll have to settle for the most scandalous picture of the evening after the jump.

P.S. – 46 Days, 16 Hours, 36 Minutes. Is your costume ready?

P.S.S – Only 262 days till this.