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Dear 96 Rock,

They responded on air – we’re waiting on our email reply.
We’d like to ask 96Rock to sponsor our team…

IMG_3610We don’t play Little League baseball – we’re an adult kickball team- The Milk Money Mafia. Stop laughing.

We have a team mascot, a ceramic cat named Randy, and our games all feature theme nights – Super Hero Night, Birthday Party Night, Redneck Night, 70s Disco Night. You get the idea.

Yes, we all graduated college.

We’re actually a pretty GOOD kickball team. We led the league in homeruns, most hugs from umpires, and best mascot. We had a newspaper article written about us and our mascot (what other team can say THAT?!? OK maybe the league champs. Never mind.)

OK maybe we don’t really need a sponsor but if you just buy us some beers one night that would be cool.

Randy Katz
Milk Money Mafia

p.s. if you dont want to read this on the air, that’s fine. Can you do us the dignity of sending an email reply so we can show our mothers?