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First Friday in Raleigh is a great time to see local art and sample local fare downtown. Headed into our first stop of the evening to meet some friends we were offered to sample wine in ‘little plastic cups’ at a place I assumed (incorrectly) to be just a coffee shop. We passed on first offer to get to our destination.

Fortunately we came back to try the wine and despite my assumptions about this being ‘just a coffee shop’ I was very impressed with the selection of wines and enjoyed talking to Mikhail (the owner) about the wines. The environment was unpretentious and I think this is a good place to buy a bottle of wine that will impress without breaking the bank.

As most of you know – I like beer and wine but ice cream is my Achilles heel. I may have been better off not knowing that Crema has some of the best ice cream creations in town. I am wondering how it was kept from me as long as it was. Mikhail gave us a tour of the ice cream machine and let us sample one of the more popular mixes – peanut butter, brownie and marshmallow in chocolate ice cream.

My recommendation? Go for the ice cream and take a bottle of wine home. If you go for one of the ‘little plastic cup’ tastings tell Mikhail we said hello.