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Cousins Maine Lobster

I am definitely a lobster fan and when I heard that the Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck was coming to our neighborhood I was definitely in to try them out. Lobster isn’t the easiest find in Raleigh. In fact I can’t think of a restaurant in town that has a Maine style lobster roll. How close was this to the ‘real’ thing? I’d say more than close. It was a hearty portion of lobster meat on a soft roll with just the right amount of mayo. I don’t think I’ve had anything like it outside of Maine.

Be warned – it is a little more than the average food truck outing. Our meal of two lobster rolls, splitting the lobster tots and a whoopie pie came in at just under $50. I’d say cost to value is on target – it is a lot of lobster and at the end of the day cheaper and faster than a trip to Maine. Also be ready to wait. Not because the truck is slow but because it is popular. Even at the higher than average price the line is long but the service after ordering is relatively quick.

My recommendation? Cousins Maine Lobster is definitely a food truck to try – especially if you are a lobster fan. The Maine roll was excellent and if you are in the mood to spend get the lobster tots to go with it. Don’t miss the whoopie pie – this was great way to finish the meal and much like the tots it is big enough to split.