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Clyde Cooper’s turns 75

Since 1938 Clyde Cooper’s has been a Raleigh establishment serving the best barbeque in town. For someone that grew up on the better style of barbeque our state has to offer I will say that if you don’t have time to get far enough west to find red slaw and the really good sauce Clyde Cooper’s will work.

To celebrate their 75th birthday Clyde Cooper’s hosted an awesome barbeque festival supporting the SPCA of Wake County. They had an awesome array of barbeque talent and unlike most festivals of its type you got a lot of food for your donation and if we hadn’t had the Prison Break run I might not have left. It was great to try different variations on a theme of pig and it was extremely difficult to pick a favorite in the competition. The best I tried was a non-competition team – Prime Barbecue from here in town. The Skyline Inn was getting a lot of positive reviews but what I sampled from them wasn’t quite as good as some of the others. Might have to make a road trip to Ayden, NC and see if I was missing something. (Skyline Inn is highly acclaimed as the best in the country.)

So the order of the day was to save a dog at the expense of a pig but if a pig had a better personality and didn’t taste so good this might be a different world all together.