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Clouds Brewing

CloudsTapWallWe finally had the chance to visit Clouds Brewing. This is the new restaurant located in the old Napper Tandy spot. They have what they call a downpour concept where you can pour your own beer.

They have a great beer selection there and good food.I tried the Bavarian Grilled Cheese which is a Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Stone Ground Mustard served on a pretzel bun. It was great. Anthony tried the blackened catfish sandwich with German potato salad, which he said was good too.

We had a great experience at Clouds Brewing and would suggest it if you are looking for a good beer and lunch. I mean after all you have to respect a place that has homemade pork rinds as a side item on the menu!

Been to Clouds Brewing? What did you think?