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Chocolate: The Exhibition

Rainy day without a packed agenda?  Not a problem in Raleigh.  With the best museums in the state just a short drive from the house there are few better ways to spend a rainy day.  We stopped by and parked near the Purple Heart Memorial that I had noticed on our morning run through downtown and headed into the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

We saw Chocolate: The Exhibition.  It wasn’t bad (we’ve been to a few of these in the past) but it wasn’t exactly great.  I’d say definitely visit if you are a member and can get in for free but I would skip this one for the $7 cover.  (We decided to go ahead and renew our membership instead of paying for the event separately.)  It was interesting and I did learn that the saucer under your coffee or tea cup was originally created for a chocolate drink.  Other than that the exhibit had a lot of chocolate history but much of it seemed redundant.  No pictures were allowed inside the exhibit but we snapped a few outside in the museum.  Including a few of the Acrocanthosaurus or Terror of the South.

As for the museum itself – definitely worth a lot more than you pay for it.  (It’s free.)  If you haven’t been you should go and if you have been you should go again – it has been one of my favorite spots in Raleigh since I moved up here and as it grows and continues to grow it remains one of the places I consider a “don’t miss” whether you are visiting or planning to stay a while.