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Carnivore Preservation Trust

“CPT (Carnivore Preservation Trust) is a wildlife sanctuary, providing homes to carnivores in need of rescue and educating the public about what threatens these animals: in the wild, in the pet trade, and in the entertainment industry.”

No – I didn’t write that – I took it straight from their website.  C and I decided to hit the road on Friday because we were both off for the day.  The Carnivore Preservation Trust is just down the road a bit toward Chapel Hill right outside of Pittsboro.  The place is probably 40 minutes from the house down 64 and the cost per what you get on the tour is great.  ($11 per person – add $3 to take pictures)  Overall I think it is a very worthwhile trip if you are looking for something to do on an afternoon.  There is some walking involved and a waiver that I think gave them the right to feed me to a tiger if they wanted but getting to see the animals as up close as we did was amazing.

The tour includes more than just tigers we saw Binturongs, Caracals, Kinkajous, Ocelots, and Servals as well.   All are carnivores despite some not even eating meat – the determination is made by their teeth and jaws not their diet – go to the tour you might learn something.  Anyway – pictures are attached but they do not do the place justice.  It is definitely worth the ride out from Raleigh.