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Brick Magic 2010

Brick Magic at the Hilton North Raleigh was nothing short of awesome.  Professional Lego builder Nathan Sawaya had several of his pieces at the event and the AFOL (Adult Fans of Lego) had some unreal setups.  I could write more but I’ve got 250 pictures after the jump.

Highlights for me included seeing the a couple of the sets that are coming our this summer – especially the Space Shuttle and upcoming blind box minifig sets.  I was also able to get a couple of Lego animals to complete a smaller scale project of my own.  Hopefully I’ll have that done by Christmas.

It was awesome to see all the creativity that went into the design and development of the larger projects and the great sense of humor.  Yes – look through and you’ll see that the western town beside Fort Legorado has its own brothel.  Not bad for a bunch of squares.