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Brewgaloo 2012

Or Veni, Vidi, Setit Linea. In the words of Julius Caesar I came, I saw, I stood in line. Et tu, Brute? Nope.

This event went from – I bought tickets for what??? to nearly epic in a fairly short span of time. I’m not sure how that happens but for us the letters V-I-P are usually involved. And yes – a couple of us were speaking Latin by the end of the night.

We also popped into an Indian wedding. Almost had a kitchen tour. Saw someone get kicked out of the VIP section. And had an all around great time at what might be one of the best new events in town – if they fix that little line problem they had.

And probably the least important piece – I sampled several IPAs and have a whole new appreciation for that style of beer. Thanks to Shop Local Raleigh for hosting Brewgaloo and the local breweries – Aviator, Natty Greene’s, Big Boss, Carolina Brewing, Sub Rosa, Mash House, Carolina Brewery, Bull City, Fullsteam, Deep River Brewing, Steel String, Roth, Mystery Brewing, Lonerider, and Fortnight for sharing beer till the well ran dry.