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Body Shop Warehouse

I like old buildings, factories and warehouses as much as I dislike warehouse sales where stuff you wouldn’t buy at full price is heavily discounted to trick you out of your money.  We went looking for the later and fortunately found the former at the Body Shop warehouse sale in Wake Forest.  I’m sure the deals inside were good but walking around the nearly abandoned facility was awesome.

I don’t know much about what you see in these pictures – the outside of the facility seemed to be in a state of perpetual disrepair.  It was fascinating to see how the plant life had fought back and started to take over elements of what was left.  Some of the plants we saw were unfamiliar – especially the one that appears to be a vine with some time of fruit that were about the size of lemons.

If you recognize anything in the photos or know more about this area in Raleigh/Wake Forest post it in the comments.  I don’t know if the area is always open but it should be again tomorrow for another day of the sale.


  1. I learned this tidbit inside the warehouse sale (where surprisingly, the getting was VERY good – things were being sold less than cost to clear them off the books): the warehouse is actually their former secondary warehouse, they were only using it again for this event because of the size/location/empty factor. I’m sure their day-to-day operations warehouse, located a bit further north, is in much better shape 😉

  2. I don’t think this facility is doing any production.  The inside of the warehouse was fine – even nice by warehouse standards.  And from what I understand despite my personal aversion to spending for the sake of spending the deals were great.  I would love to get a tour of the old facility or even seen a Bain-type art installation there.

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