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Bill Clinton at Pullen Park

In a final effort to return Barack Obama to the White House a veritable who’s who of North Carolina politicians joined the one and only President Bill Clinton at Pullen Park this evening. NC Senator Dan Blue, Lt. Governor Walter Dalton, Governor Beverly Purdue, US Senator Kay Hagan, and Governor Jim Hunt were among the Democratic Party’s army that descended on the park. The message was simple – vote this coming Tuesday and when you do vote for Obama.

Regardless of where you sit in the political spectrum – it was great that North Carolina and specifically Raleigh was held in such high political esteem as to get a visit from the former President this close to the election. Yes – I think with early voting in the state they were largely preaching to the choir but it still shows that the political machine values our vote.

While NOSVC is and will remain pretty much a middle ground non-political site I was excited that Cara DMc got as many good pictures as she did. And while we don’t advocate for voting for one party any more than we do another we do hope that you vote this Tuesday (November 6th). It is a sacred right and responsibility and something unique to being an American. Voting honors those that have defended that right and helps protect it for another generation.

Not sure who to vote for? Answer a few questions and maybe you’ll have a better idea.


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