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April First Friday

After the behind-the-scenes tour at the NCMA we headed downtown for a walk around First Friday. We didn’t have as much time as usual but we did hit DesignBox, the Visual Art Exchange and the Contemporary Art Museum [CAM] before meeting some co-workers at Paddy O’Beers. The galleries all had amazing pieces on display but the item that really caught my eye was the MakerBot 3D Printer at DesignBox.

Unfortunately it was extremely hard to photography but absolutely fascinating to see in a retail setting. Yes – unlike the other times I’ve seen 3D printers where you could look but it was impossible to buy the MakerBot in various models is for sale at DesignBox. Right now they are a bit out of reach for my purposes but it makes me optimistic that I will one day have a 3D printer that can create missing Lego bricks on demand.

And yes that is someone playing a saw like a violin and everyone’s favorite downtown narrator on his bike.