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Zinda New Asian VIP

We scored some tickets to the Zinda New Asian VIP event last night (and by we I mean BobG scored them and we went). Nice event for what appears to be a great new restaurant. The place is part restaurant and part club and the food we sampled was great. On the way back to the car we saw what I think was an Audi R8 – might need the judges to clarify here but that is my guess.

Overall – I might go back and have dinner there based on the food. I am not sure the club scene is my place. I’m also not really big on places that have either a real or perceived ‘dress code’ – this is definitely the type of place that would. I don’t know what the sound would be like on a regular night but for this event it was a little loud.

Oh the image to the right? No – that isn’t anything bad. That is actually the DJ on the second floor. The angle is a little misleading and the large face/head is actually further away than it might look like. What did you think was going on there?

Zinda is on Fayetteville Street and should be open now or soon if it isn’t.