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Triangle Restaurant Week Kickoff

Doesn’t it seem like we’ve been here before…

Twinkle, twinkle little bat, come and sport a silly hat! Complimentary food, drinks, and madcap mayhem yadda yadda yadda…

Yes – we have been here before only this time we are wearing a hat. Just like the Jingle Ball before it we came, we saw, we climbed on the Pirate Ship at Marbles. Great times – awesome pictures. What more could you ask for to end a Sunday of awesome weather. So there you go.

Pictures after the jump and all apologies in advance to whatever we were collecting food for – I think we ate and drank more than we brought but a good time was had by all. More pictures from other cameras on the way – at least the are supposed to be.

When they get here I’ll let you know.

New pics posted in the gallery – thanks Sonya for sending those. Updated with pics from Yelp! via BobG.