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Wilson’s Eatery

I finally got a chance to visit Wilson’s Eatery. The restaurant is located right across from Lynwood Brewing Concern at 1053 East Whitaker Mill Road. Their philosophy is good times only which is something we can totally get behind.

The restaurant is named after their dog, a yellow lab who just so happens to love to eat. If you need another reason to go visit them, five percent of the sales go to local dog rescues. They are open for lunch, dinner and drinks.

I got to try their Market Salad which was amazing. It was served with spinach, arugula, red onions, mushrooms, and soppressata. The thing that really made this great was the homemade dressing, a parmesan ceasar yogurt combination.

If you are looking for a quick place to grab a bite to eat make sure to visit Wilson’s Eatery.