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Wild Urban Watermelon

Alert the media – I believe I have found a wild urban watermelon vine growing behind my house on the vacant lot that will eventually become townhouses. I know what you are thinking – given the rare nature of such a plant should they really build on this site? What if the wild urban watermelon is endangered? Should we really move forward with development and kill this prime specimen? Rally the troops – we must save this plant. As you can see in the second picture the vine is already producing fruit – not only does it exist but it is giving back. Do the wonders never cease?

We’ve named the melon Obama after our President-elect and should it make it another week or two we’ll serve it at Thanksgiving. Since our families aren’t really celebrating with us we are going to end up with a bucket of KFC so the watermelon will be a nice addition. If it makes it we’ll post pictures and a review.

ObamaNeedless to say I am denying all claims that I threw watermelon rinds behind the house and that it may be a semi-cultivated urban watermelon and not the true wild urban watermelon.