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Wild Food Adventure #AVL

Headed to Asheville for the Weekend? Looking for something fun and different to check out? Register for No Taste Like Home’s Wild Food Adventure. What is food foraging?  Foraging is searching for wild food resources and this is exactly what you will do on the tour. It is 3 hours and after you forage you get to eat some of your findings.

As an added bonus they have a forage to table program where they have teamed with restaurants to prepare your food for you after you forage. The restaurants include hot spots like Nightbell, Rhubarb, and The Market Place.

Our tour guide was an Ethnobotanist from Appalachian State. She was great at identifying all of the things we saw and told us how they can be prepared.

We found the following things on our tour:

  • Violets
  • Dandelions
  • Sumac
  • Wild Oregano

If you find yourself in Asheville you should definitely check it out and have a Wild Food Adventure of your own.