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Twelve Days of IPA

Stone Brewing (Escondido/RVA) is one of my favorite breweries and this year for Christmas they released “Twelve Days of IPA” a mixed pack of 12 unique IPA-style beers. It was a great walkthrough of the varying styles Stone makes.

This 12 pack includes one each of Tangerine Express Hazy IPA, Cosmic Runestone IPA, Scorpion Bowl IPA, Delicious IPA, F+B IPA, Stone IPA, Exotic Destinations IPA, Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA, Fear.Movie.Lions DIPA, Ruination DIPA 2.0, Go To IPA, and Soaring Dragon Imperial IPA.

If you are an IPA fan like me this is a can’t miss pack. If you are on the fence about IPAs and want to try a lot of styles without commitment? This is your pack too. It is fun and spacing it out over 12 days is great too. You try each beer with a fresh palate so you get to decide what type you really like.

Twelve Days of IPAEver have that friend or relative whose gifts always put everyone else to shame? We’re not saying we’re that person, but we did just execute a one-up on most mixed 12 packs out there, including our own. Rather than containing just four fantastic IPAs as usual, this one-of-a-kind mix contains 12 individual beers, from new recipes to year-round staples to archived fan favorites. Now you can be the ultimate gifting champion, even – and perhaps especially – if the intended recipient is yourself. [More info]

Yes, the labels on all of these beers are upside down on purpose.