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Thrive NC Festival

We went to the Thrive NC Festival tonight and all we can say is what a great evening of food, fun and community for a wonderful cause. If you are headed to Thrive tomorrow night here is what to expect. Lots of food and drink. There is plenty of good food and drinks for everyone to enjoy. You will not go hungry. Our favorite bites were the Lump Crab Doughnuts from Poole’s Diner, the bananas foster ice cream from Mama Birds, and lamb meatballs from Chef Teddy Diggs. Our favorite drinks were the Strawberry Basil Gose from Trophy Beverage.

You may be so preoccupied with the food outside to forget the great vendors inside. But make sure to go inside. There is also air conditioning in there so you can cool off some and there are lots of tables to sit and enjoy your food.

You can find Chef Demos inside as well. We got to see Vivian Howard and Sam Jones. Tomorrow night includes demonstrations with Ashley Christensen, Cheetie Kumar and Andrea Reusing. What a great line-up.

Oh yeah and did we mention the entertainment? We got to hear music from Kasey Tyndall. Tomorrow guests will get to hear from Jump Little Children and Joe Kwon and Friends.

If you didn’t snag tickets for this great event already, you will have to wait until next year, because it is sold out. To learn more about Thrive NC check out their site here.