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The Drinking Man’s Diet

We were sifting through items at a local estate sale looking for bargains when I ran across this small paper back book from 1965 in great condition. How could I turn it down? Titled “The Drinking Man’s Diet or How to Lose Weight with a Minimum of Will Power (also recommended for ladies and teetotalers)” – it sounded like the plan for weight loss.

Over the coming weeks as I read and explore this find I’ll post more about what is suggested.  In the mean time ponder these –

  • Ad exec. off 8 lbs. in 60 effortless days
  • Pub. rels. expert off 28 lbs. in 12 months. Has held his weight without “pain” for 2 years since.
  • Retired steel exec. off 9 lbs. first 30 days. Held his weight easily to date. (Wow – since 1965?)
  • Promotion chief lost 14 lbs. the easy way in 30 days. Holding firm without torture since.
  • Partner, accounting firm, fought a losing “calorie counting” battle for 18 months. Four weeks on this diet off 16 lbs. “It’s been my salvation.”
  • Working widow, 3 children. Lost 9 lbs. 4 weeks. “Still take my two 6PM tension breaking martinis.”
  • Marketing exec., national firm, lost 5 lbs. first weekend.

All from the back cover – if the back cover is this good just imagine the gems inside.  Stay tuned – more wonderful insights coming.