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The Bean

Yesterday we went to try a new local beer named after our neighbor’s dog.

The Bean

Olde Hickory Brewery (Hickory, NC)  has made some seriously amazing stouts as of late. I’m sure this puppy is no exception. It’s Bottle Revolution approved too, a Raleigh, North Carolina must see beer stop.

A luxurious stout with decadent Madagascar vanilla beans and freshly-roasted coffee. Brewed as a tribute to the worlds greatest dog.

While we do take some exception the notion of Bean being the “worlds greatest dog” Cara and I both thought the beer was really good. We tried in on Nitro at the Busy Bee and it was very smooth and flavorful. Not to mention a great day to sit outside and have a beer – in January. If you don’t like coffee this may not be the beer for you – if you do like coffee – especially good coffee you will enjoy this even if stout beer isn’t exactly your favorite.

Princess is not at all jealous that Bean has her own beer but is available for product promotion if anyone is interested.