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Ten Ramen

Ramen. No, I didn’t make it my coffee pot in my dorm room. I went to a real restaurant and ate as authentic as I could possibly imagine ramen. If what I made in college was anywhere near this good I may have had a different career path. At the suggestion of the only one of us that had experience in real ramen, we all got the Spicy Lobster Miso.

No joke – it was a really good and fun meal. Fun? Yes – the space is very small and intimate with standing room only. This means you are eating shoulder to shoulder with not just your party but everyone in the restaurant. The kitchen is open and you can see your meal and others being prepared. The chef is more than happy to chat while you are eating and since you are more than likely facing him and no one else this makes it easy to do. Finally, you can slurp your noodles and drink from your bowl – at least this seemed to be a common practice that we joined in on.

Overall I’d rate this as a great experience and a place I would happily return to. Great suggestion Travis and thanks for the advice on what to order.