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Tasty Beverage Company Opening Soon

Tonight is the “soft opening” of a new specialty retail beer store near downtown Raleigh. If you weren’t one of the first 50 people in the door you had to wait patiently for a look at and taste of the new Tasty Beverage Company. Fortunately we were in the first group through and got to experience the next big beer thing in town.

Located in the Warehouse District at the Raleigh Depot (close to The Pit) the Tasty Beverage Company is convenient for us to stop in and grab a couple of beers occasionally. The store isn’t fancy but is extremely well stocked. No doubt they have many beers and even beer makers I was unaware of.  Given the first look I’d say this group definitely knows their beer.

More pictures from friend and special guest photographer Courtney. (You’ll notice a a rare NOSVC photo of me & C in the mix.) Courtney actually knows what she is doing with a camera (even my point and shoot Canon SD790) so don’t get used to the photo quality when I take back over on future posts. If you need a top-shelf photographer / videographer you might find her in a beer store but you may also want to look here.