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Starbucks New Logo FTW

So Starbucks has updated their logo for the first time since (I am guessing here) 1992. Not much has changed – they lost the name and coffee but kept the two-tailed siren or mermaid creature.  That image itself has evolved a good bit since its beginning as a slightly more graphic graphic (details after the jump).

So the image to the right is one Starbucks tweeted a link to on a website for the iPod App of the same name.  Basically a simple photo sharing tool that is getting a little use from big companies – this being the second image I’ve seen tweeted in the past two weeks by a company significantly larger than nosvc.

So immediately I thought it was interesting comparing the side by side coffee cups.  One is in frame and centered and one is not.  The cup with the newer logo also looks larger and a little clearer.  (The original image was larger – see it here.)  Was it on purpose?  Probably – this was a promoted tweet meaning they paid for it so my guess is yes.  They wanted to make sure the new logo was more appealing and probably wanted to avoid being “Gapped.”

As promised the older “graphic” graphic after the jump and a pretty cool progression of the Starbucks logos I found here.  And – if it wasn’t obvious enough – I could really use a cup of coffee before the BCS Championship Game.