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Saturday at #CHSWFF

Saturday’s Charleston Wine and Food Festival did not disappoint. We got to see lots of great talent including Vivian Howard from the Chef and the Farmer and Benny’s Big Time. Andrew Knowlton from Bon Appétit magazine was out and about too.

My favorite was getting to hear from the Lee Brothers. Matt and Ted Lee grew up in Charleston. They moved away to attend college and missed their foods from home so they decided to start the Lee Bros Boiled Peanuts Catalogue. People could order grits, preserves and all of the boiled peanuts. They talked about how they got into food. And they said growing up in Charleston you really don’t have a choice. Food gets into you. They discussed how Charleston is a hard-core food town. We loved hearing the stories of these home chefs.

We also ran into some of our Raleigh Favorites, Crude Bitters and LaFarm Bakery. Founded in 2012, Crude Bitters and Sodas is North Carolina’s first cocktail bitters company. Their bitters and shrub syrup concentrates are hand-crafted. La Farm Bakery is a modern bakery where families come together to enjoy a great meal. Their goal is to continue the centuries-old baking traditions and techniques, honoring the ordinary, yet extraordinary, boulangeries that once flourished in every little town in France. If you are in the culinary village tomorrow make sure to stop by to pick up some bitters and a baguette. You won’t be disappointed.

More pics from today…