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Red Bull Exclusive – New Organic Line

A couple of weeks ago we got to try Organics by Red Bull. So maybe you were like me and wondered what is Organics by Red Bull. It is their new organic carbonated beverage which comes in 4 different flavors- Cola, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale and Tonic Water. The only one that has caffeine is the Cola flavored beverage. The drinks average about 100 calories per can. My favorite flavor was the ginger which has a spicy flavor that was really good. What is really great about these drinks you can use them as mixers for cocktails which are delicious!

Want to try it out yourself? The drinks are available as of April 2, 2018 where Red Bull is sold in two exclusive U.S. markets – North Carolina, from Raleigh to Winston-Salem to Wilmington – and California’s San Diego County as well as through

You can also go to the Red Bull Product Launch Event on Tuesday, April 10th. Organics by Red Bull will host Sam Jones for a free whole hog BBQ event, with cocktails from the Cocktail Bandits featuring the Organics by Red Bull sodas, and sides by PoshNosh Catering. The event will be held at Whitaker & Atlantic. Check out the details here.

Have you tried Organics by Red Bull? Let us know what you think below.