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How to prepare and pace yourself for CHSWFF this weekend

Ever heard the saying it’s a marathon not a sprint? Take this philosophy when planning your schedule for Charleston Wine and Food Festival and you will definitely enjoy it more! There is a lot to do during the festival which is great but could be overwhelming so we have put a few tips and tricks together to help you maximize your fun during the festival.

  1. Don’t let dehydration ruin your festival. Ok, seriously drink lots of water. You will be enjoying lots of great food and drinks and you are outside so make sure to stay hydrated. For every cocktail, beer or wine make sure to drink a little water in between. You won’t regret it – especially the next day.
  2. Open your mind to new things. Often chefs like to push the envelope and try things a little different. You never know if you like it unless you try it. Last year we had fish skin and it was excellent! The year before BBQ’d goat. Who knew – the chef knows – trust them and reap the rewards.
  3. Be patient. Sometimes there are lines to try foods or get drinks. They move quickly and it is worth the wait. A longer line can often mean an amazing sample at the end. Don’t skip a long line – use it to pace your day. (Remember this is a marathon.)
  4. Use the website. ( There are a ton of things going on so look at the schedule before hand to help you navigate and see the chefs you would like to visit with.
  5. Share the fun on social and look for tips and tricks during the festival. People are sharing in real time using the hashtag #chswff. This will give you ideas of cool things to check out and keep you from missing anything exciting. [TwitterInstagram]
  6. Wear comfy cute shoes. You will be standing or walking most of the time so you want to make sure to wear shoes that will be comfortable after being on your feet for a long day of eating and drinking.

Have you been to CWFF? Share your tips with us here! See you this weekend.