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Personalized Sun Tea

Summer is in full effect in Raleigh now. One of the things my mom always made in the summer when we were kids was sun tea. It is a pretty simple process. You put teabags into a pitcher and set it out in the sun to seep.

I decided to make some personalized sun teas for us to enjoy. We are lucky to have a neighbor who has blueberry bushes. We have been able to get a ton of blueberries. So I decided to freeze the blueberries to put in the tea when it was done.

This is the perfect refreshing summertime drink. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is how to make your own personal sun tea:

  • One teabag
  • One Mason Jar
  • Fill Mason Jar with Water
  • Set the jar outside in the sun for two to four hours (depending on how strong you like your tea)
  • Add your favorite fruit for flavor
  • Add some honey if you like your tea sweet

Editor’s note: The tea with the frozen blueberries is amazing -but- I had an idea to make it even better. Add a little Bulleit Bourbon and create an amazing summer cocktail. Tea and bourbon go well together and the frozen blueberries added the perfect balance of sweet and cold to the mix (no ice needed).