We finally got a chance to check out Person Street Pharmacy since it opened back up. As I was standing there waiting to place my order, a woman that looked to be in her 60s, went up to the counter and asked if they still had hot dogs. The woman behind the counter replied no and the lady left without placing an order.

So no, Person Street Pharmacy does not have hot dogs. For those of us who visited the pharmacy before it had changed, you will not find the old popcorn machine or orange aides on the menu anymore. You will find a sophisticated menu of fun sandwiches to enjoy. I had the shrimp roll which was tossed in a pickled okra remoulade. It was served on a delicious roll with chips. Anthony had what looked to be the most amazing burger. It had pimento cheese an prosciutto ham on it. Yum. They also have a relish bar that had pickled veggies. I enjoyed some of the homemade pickles.

If you are looking for somewhere to grab a quick lunch or even breakfast, you must check out Person Street Pharmacy and although you won’t find a hot dog on the menu you will definitely find something good to eat.