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Natural Selections 2016 @naturalsciences

Enjoy this one-of-a-kind evening of beer and science among the Museum’s dioramas. Sample unique creations fitting the Museum’s natural science focus from more than 20 North Carolina breweries.

Natural Selections was a couple of weeks ago but I found the images while I was sorting through my phone and thought I would share. The beer is local most from the immediate area tasting stops throughout the exhibits on every floor of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. It was more fun than you think it would be to drink your way through the museum and explore the science behind beer. We were able to try several new beers and ran across a few favorites as well.

Natural Selections was a great event and one I hope to attend next year with slightly more moderation. Not to say anyone in our party over did it but the next morning I imagine everyone was moving a little slower than planned.