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Making Bread with a Master Baker #chswff

Baked w/ La Farm of Cary #chswff

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One of the highlights of the Charleston Wine and Food Festival was getting a chance to make bread with Lionel Vatinet. It is not every day that you get a chance to make a baguette with a Master Baker. Lionel is the owner of La Farm Bakery in Cary, NC.

We got to make 2 dishes a lamb and feta filled baguette and his world-famous white chocolate baguette. We had a blast and had a great dinner as a result.

We learned the trick to removing all that sticky dough from you hands after kneading your dough is to use flour. Stick your hands in the flour and rub your hands together. Eventually the dough clumps together and falls off your hands. Best trick ever!

Master Baker Lionel Vatinet was a great teacher. Anthony and I asked him to pick who made the best baguette and as you can see he pointed to both of us.

Guess we will have to try one his classes that he offers at La Farm so we can get another ruling!