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Lawrence Barbecue

We finally got to Lawrence Barbecue and I am here to tell you it doesn’t disappoint. Their concept, never full and always grateful. They believe that their food is about community and they want to make food that keeps you fulfilled.

They eventually will be located in the Boxyard in RTP but for now, you can catch them around town. We did curbside pickup at KillJoy in Glenwood South. We ordered online ahead of time and pulled up to pick up our order. It was very easy and safe.

What we had to eat:

  • El Capitan: Texas Style Brisket + Crispy Shallots + Pickled Bread ‘n Butter Jalapeños + Burnt Jalapeño Cheese Drip
  • The Natural: Granny Helen’s Fried Chicken + Charred Spring Onion Mayo + Mrs. Moore’s Oak Leaf Lettuce + Red Onion Relish
  • Crispy Brussels + Crystal Cane Syrup
  • Pimiento Boursin Cheese with Deep Fried Saltines w/ Crispy Country Ham Jam

Everything we had was sooo… good. I must say the cheese and crackers were the best. I mean a bbq joint with amazing cheese? Bold move. Really it was the crispy country ham jam that really made it! We also loved the sprouts. Talk about amazing! And the El Captain! Those pickled jalapenos did the sammie right.

If you want to try them out, follow them on social media to see where you can get some of this deliciousness. We will be going back for second helpings soon. I have my eyes on one of those shakes and the wings!!! Until the next time enjoy our drool-worthy pics!