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Hot Chocolate Bombs FTW this Winter

I have been seeing Hot Chocolate Bombs online and started my quest to find them locally. I found Roz Burgess of Burgess Bakery. He works out of his home in North Raleigh and you can follow him on Instagram.

We decided to order 2 of these sweet treats and I am really sad I didn’t get more. We tried the Lucky Charms Marshmallows and the Peppermint. These things are so good! We added warm milk and watched the marshmallows expand. It is so much fun. If you have kids this is a must grab for them this winter. They are $5 each just for the chocolate bombs but you can also order some fun Christmas gifts as well. These would be the perfect little something for a holiday gift since it ’tis the season.

Interested? You can place an order for these delicious things right here online.