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Holiday Eggnog Recipe

So I typically think of eggnog as an odd yellowish drink that is made considerably better by the large amount of bourbon/brandy that is put in it and of course that little sprinkle of nutmeg on top.  With both the alcohol and the nutmeg as ancient rituals to ward off the evil demon salmonella.  When offered eggnog I politely agree and usually hide it somewhere in the house for my unwitting host to find later.  (Not really – I just introduce the beverage to the bathroom sink to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.)

Imagine my surprise when I was offered eggnog that I liked.  As evidenced by my well guarded empty cup to the right I not only tried it – I finished it.  After the hostess had found all the fruit we hid around her house I asked for the brand of eggnog she served because I was going to suggest that everyone buy that and forget the other stuff.  I wasn’t terribly surprised when I learned that it was homemade.  Makes sense that something this good would require a little hard work on the front end.  The biggest thing to note about this eggnog was the texture – it had a melted ice cream consistency that was really good – not thin and watery as I remember eggnog in the past.  It was also had more of white/off white color than the usual beaten egg yellow look of store bought eggnog.

So here is the recipe that was reportedly used.  My understanding is Jim Beam was used in the particular mix it had but just enough to make its presence known – not enough to light the drink or the drinker on fire.  As was suggested at this party it is a nice way to start the evening.  It isn’t something you’d want to drink a lot of or as BobG might tell you if you mention Eggnog – not something you want to get rid of several gallons of.  See: BobG + Eggnog + Golden Grahams = College.

P.S. – Thanks Nora for being a great hostess and sharing your eggnog recipe.