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Kobayashi Hot Dog Challenge

We have had and seen many great challenges in our day – The Little Debbie Challenge, The $1 Taco Challenge, The Krispy Kreme Challenge.  All exciting challenges testing our bodies (mostly our colons) and pushing ourselves to the limit of what is sensible and sometimes healthy.  This year in honor of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and the greatest Hot Dog eater ever (all apologies Joey Chestnut) the supreme event of challenges was born – welcome to the First Annual Great Raleigh Fourth of July Kobayashi Hot Dog Challenge.


The Challenge started at noon coinciding with ESPN’s coverage of that other contest and began with the ceremonial throwing out of the first dog.  And it wasn’t just any old dog – it was a Ball Park Beef Frank grilled and wrapped in bacon.  We aren’t taking any chances here.  From there the 12 hours of hot dog eating began.  The rules were simple – all hot dogs had to be eaten with a bun and as such were awarded a single point.  Hot dogs that were taken from another party held a value of two points but only the first one per party.  Vomiting hot dogs resulted in a five point penalty and fortunately common sense or too many side dishes prevented us from reaching that point in the game.

The results are as uncertain as an Iranian election but prior to the end of the event Brent was named the winner.  We can’t be 100% certain he ate the most hot dogs but we are fairly certain that if he didn’t he overcame an hour plus head start from his competitors and yes – he did run 10 miles that morning.  Final scores – Brent 10+, Anthony 10, BobG 8.  Honorable mentions go to Cara for scoring the only 2 point dog and Mark for keeping up beer to dog throughout the day.


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